• The 78 Days Practical Transurfing Course - First Time in English

    #www.reality-transurfing.org# is simple, yet powerful Reality Management Technique, developed by the Russian quantum physics researcher Vadim Zeland.

    Zeland's main goal is to present a set of practice (which he calls Transurfing of Realities) for the attainment of practical goals.

    The main purpose of the 78 Days Practical Course is to present a set of tecniques for the attainment of practical objectives, using simple, yet dominanttechniques. These techniques are of mental and metaphysical nature, and representing a model of the Universe that combines the elements of Quantum Physics with the idea of parallel worlds. The use of the approachesis not dependant on the acceptance of this theoretical model. They simply work. Most Transurfing techniques are very uncomplicatedand practical.

    The module includes 78 essential main beliefs of Transurfing theory. It is a wonderful practice course for those who want to learn the basics of Transurfing in just 78 days. This knowledge will help you realize how not real the world around you is. At any moment you can make the only right alternative and also reach your goals.

    You will never have to purchase one more self development book, buy a Meditation CD, or go to a Jumping around the Universe Seminar. This 78 Days Course will change your life Reality transurfing: Reality exists independetnly of you. Until you agree with it...

    The Course consists of #www.reality-transurfing.org# model, given in a daily lecture format. It is a brilliant practicefor those who want to learn the basics of Transurfing in just 78 days.78 days practical

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